1. Title: Salt Lake City Jewelry Show

2. Organization: Hart Events LLP, 235 First Street, Keyport, NJ 07735 henceforth the “Organizer”. Email: [email protected]

3. Location, Dates, Hours: Mountain America Exposition Center, Sandy, Utah 87070. February 22 (Thursday) through February 25 (Sunday) 2024.  Hours: Thurs & Friday noon to 8p, Saturday 10a to 8p, Sunday 10a to 6p. Vendor access is 60 minutes before and 30 minutes after each show.

4. Application for Participation: Application is made by completing this contract and e-mailing it to [email protected] You will receive an email invoice upon which payment will be required within 3 days to complete your application. You will then receive confirmed acceptance to the show. The Vendor herewith agrees to accept all rules, regulations, terms and conditions of the show as being valid for himself / herself and employees. The Vendor accepts full responsibility and is liable for any and all actions of any employees, or any persons sharing Vendor’s assigned selling space. SUBLETTING STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND VOIDS CONTRACT WITHOUT REFUND OR RECOURSE.

5. Conditions of Application: The hire of exhibition space is for the entire contracted duration of the show. Upon application acceptance, the Organizer herein grants revocable license to use the exhibition booth assigned, subject to these terms and conditions. The Organizer makes no representations or warranties except as expressly set forth herein. The license granted is revocable by Organizer in the event Vendor shall violate this agreement.

6. Booth Assignment: Where feasible the Organizer will assign the location requested by the Vendor. However, the Organizer reserves the right to change original space assignments if deemed to be in the best interest of the show or for circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer.

7. Admission Requirements: The Organizer reserves the right to determine Vendor eligibility for inclusion in the show as well as accept admission of the vendor’s items for exhibition. The deposit submitted with application will be refunded if application is declined. Applicants cannot legally claim the right to participate in the show and applications may be turned down by the Organizer without stated reason. Admission granted can be withdrawn if the necessary prerequisites can no longer be fulfilled and all deposits will be returned.

8. Contract of Hire: The contract of hire between the contractual partners (the Vendor and Organizer) becomes valid as soon as full payment has been received and confirmed. Organizer shall have full power to interpret the rules, terms and conditions of this contract to make such ruling as may be deemed by the Organizer to be in the best interest of the show. Any written amendments of the foregoing rules, terms and conditions shall bind the Vendor.  During the show, due to its temporary nature on facilities which are not regularly operated by the Organizer, various unknown and anticipated contingencies may arise, and the Organizer reserves the right to interpret the relative rights of the parties in the light of such unanticipated circumstances and/or contingencies.

9. Conditions of Payment: A 50% deposit shall be paid with application and the balance must be paid by December 1, 2023. I understand my booth number will not be assigned until my deposit is paid. If a Vendor has a history of late payments, then 100% of the show fee will be due with application. Returned checks are subject to a $35 service charge. No foreign checks.

For wire transfers please contact [email protected].  Incidental expenses incurred by Promotor on behalf of Vendor can/will be deducted from deposit.
The Organizer will endeavor to email a payment reminder to the Vendor two weeks before the balance is due. However, it is the Vendor's responsibility to comply with the contract terms. ALL payments received electronically or by mail after due date are deemed as late and subject to late fee.  Set up will not be permitted until balance is paid in full.

10. Vendor Cancellation: Unforeseen circumstances can arise that will prevent a Vendor from attending the show as planned.  Therefore, release from contract is possible by emailed request, and refunds subject to the following schedule are available ONLY to Vendors who have submitted the 50% minimum deposit within 30 days of application:

Before August 1, 2023:  100% of amount paid

Before September 1, 2023: 100% of amount paid less $150

Before October 1, 2023:   75% of amount paid less $150

Before November 14, 2023:  50% of amount paid less $150

After November 15, 2023:    No refund

11. Visa Applicants: Visa applicants must submit a $100 non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of our time to process your application and provide a visa letter.  If you are approved for a Visa then the $100 is applied to your booth payment.  If you are denied, then we will retain $100 fee.

12. Site Conditions: If the allocated booth space has not been claimed by Thursday February 22nd, 2024, space will be considered forfeit and the Organizer entitled to use or assign space otherwise. No refund will be made. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to keep their booth clean, neat and orderly before, during, and after the show. Vendor must provide their own tablecloths which cover their tables to the floor in front. Tables are 30" (75cm) wide x 30" high x 6 or 8 feet long.: I All items for sale must be marked with the price or have signage indicating the price. This is mandatory. I

13. Set-up: is Wednesday, February 21st from 10am to 8pm and Thursday February 22nd from 8am to 12pm (the show begins at noon). A forklift is on-site, and rentable directly from the venue. Important! The Vendor must provide his / her own hand-trucks, dollies, and pallet jacks as these are not supplied by the venue.

14. Pack-Up: pack-up is between 6p – 11p sharp on February 25, 2024. It will then resume the next day at 8 am.  All vendors and personal property MUST be cleared of the building by 5p Monday.  There will be NO exceptions. Clearance of, and departure from the exhibition stands / booth is prohibited before the close of the show so as to maintain visual appeal and security of stand/booth.

15. Clean up: Vendor must securely bag or box all trash in his / her selling space prior to departure from show facility. Vendor shall be subject to financial liability for the repair, or replacement of any damages or equipment losses caused by Vendor and/or any labor involved in clean up or uncontained trash.

16. Release from Liability / Accept All Risk: The Organizer will strive to maintain overall security of the exhibition by providing both armed and unarmed security, but is exempt of any liability for any loss or damage incurred in any manner, at any time, by any cause. Vendors must ensure that items exhibited are properly safeguarded during exhibition hours, during set-up / breakdown, and overnight. Vendor agrees to hold the Organizer, the venue, Utah and local police, the city of Sandy, and all associated employees entirely blameless in the event of loss or theft of Vendor’s merchandise at any time, in any manner, whether through negligence or otherwise. Shoplifters will be present, so plan accordingly!

17. Security: The Organizer will provide overall security as deemed appropriate based upon expected attendance, previous experience, venue requirements, and final floor plan, but is exempt from liability for any and all losses or damage incurred. However, it is inevitable that losses will occur, especially to theft. Don’t be the victim. Vendors must ensure that their materials are properly safeguarded during travel, set-up, show hours, overnight and during break-down. Vendor agrees to hold Organizer blameless for the loss of Vendor’s merchandise at any time, by any cause. It is not possible for the Organizer to insure Vendor’s material. That is a vendor’s sole responsibility. A security lock-up is available for use during the show. Please inquire.

18. Parking: Free parking during show hours will be provided to vendor and customers alike.

19. Sales Tax: Vendors must collect sales tax on retail sales. Vendor agrees to cooperate fully with revenue and taxation authorities and agrees to pay any fine incurred by the Organizer if that fine is a result of Vendor’s failure to follow Utah taxation laws.

20. Insurance: Vendor is responsible for any and all insurance risks implicit or explicit in Vendor’s participation in the Show, including, but not limited to, claims arising from the use of vehicles or equipment, set-up / break-down operations, and from any claim arising from any act or omission of Organizer, its owners, employees, agents, or guests, and from any claims arising from loss, robbery, burglary, pilferage, vandalism, fire, water damage accident, negligence or other cause, regardless of how act or omission generates such claim or claims.

21. Cancellation / Postponement of the Show: If, due to circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control or in the case of force majeure (e.g. fire, blizzard, pandemic etc.), it becomes necessary to close down or postpone the date of the show; this will not entitle Vendors to a release from contract or to a reduction in hiring fees. Vendor shall hold Organizer harmless against all other claims and liabilities to vendor whether arising from expenses incurred, to be incurred, loss of anticipated profit or otherwise.

22. Liability: Vendor is liable for all damage caused by themselves, their employees, their representatives, or through their exhibits/fixtures and fittings to any persons or other objects. Vendor agrees to hold harmless the Organizer and its employees and agents from any damages or fines imposed due to violation of any law or ordinance which may occur anywhere within the Utah Show space. Vendor agrees to comply with all terms and conditions herein and protect, indemnify, save, or hold harmless the Organizer, and all agents and employees against any and all cost, damage, loss, liability or expenses arising from actions or by reason of said Vendor occupancy and use of assigned selling space through the Salt Lake City Show as stated herein this agreement. Vendor will comply with building & local fire regulations, including but not limited to flame proofing and electrical regulations and ordinances.

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